Simulate the movement of your mouse cursor

Program Info

I'm sure you know the following situation: you're watching the latest music video of your favorite performer and suddenly one of the screensavers catches the light. The key press simulator "Mouse Jiggle" eliminates the problem. Unlike many keystroke simulators, this one does not "press" a button, but moves the mouse. This allows the system to detect your activity, even though you have not touched the mouse for several minutes. Thus, the screen saver is not triggered.


There are two modes available. With a press on "Enable Jiggle"the mouse is always moved a little bit. The "Zen Jiggle" moves the mouse purely virtually - you will not notice anything about it. Conclusion: this tiny tool saves some a little trouble. Especially the "Zen Jiggle" is useful to prevent unwanted triggering of the screensaver.

Technical information

License: Free

Language: English

OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

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